CNC Laser Cutting

Avitron uses the latest CNC laser cutting machines to offer high precision laser cutting services to its customers. What is really good about these services is that they're affordable and quick. Furthermore, these services are provided to you by our experts that have been dealing with laser cutting process for a long time and that have sound knowledge of laser technology

Our CNC laser cutting services are extremely helpful in cutting and fabricating different kinds of industrial parts using sheet metal. These services are ideal for short production runs or prototypes. 

  • 1KW-Quattro (Amada Japan)
  • 3.2KW Tru-Laser (Trumpf Germany)

can produce complex contours with its 0.2 mm laser in:
Mild Steel (MS) - Up to 18 mm thick
Stainless Steel (SS) - Up to 12 mm thick (Nitrogen cut)
Aluminum up to 8.0mm


  • Can cut hardest materials
  • No tooling cost
  • Reduction in material waste
  • High output radiation
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Clean and burr free edges
  • Complex shapes can be formed
  • Cost effective solution for rapid prototyping
  • Different materials can be used
  • Designs can be changed at really low rates