CNC Punching

With TruPunch-5000, we have been able to increase our CNC punching capacity considerably and therefore, our fabrication capabilities have also seen an increase. Thanks to this advanced technology machine, we have been able to meet and even surpass our customers’ expectations.

TruPunch-5000 one of the fastest machines aroundis not just useful for making holes, It’s PUNCHING with TECHNOLOGY. Loaded with lot of advanced technological features. it eliminates the need for a whole lot of time consuming second operations like forming, de-burring, threading.

Avitron is your ideal partner for all your CNC Punching needs especially if you want to churn out high volume parts. Furthermore, our CNC punching processes are flexible in eliminating second operations.


  • High speed processing
  • Continuous Louver – Flexible length of louver
  • Roller offset
  • Roller beading – Besides reducing welding and raw materials cost, improves stability of sheet metal
  • Roller de-burring -Burr-free parts straight from punching
  • Multi bend – Bends up to 25 mm tall and 55 mm long
  • Multi shear – Laser like smooth cutting edge
  • Continuous Louver – Flexible length of louver.

TruPunch 5000

Technical Specification

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