Reception Tables

A Reception table is meant for addressing visitors in the office reception area and is typically located at the entrance of the office. Avitron uses materials like wood, glass, steel and the size of the table depends on the number of persons required to address the visitors.

Executive Tables

An Executive Table is used by one who is employed by a business at a senior level. It is usually placed inside the cabin with seating available for visitors.

Conference Tables

Large or small, imposing or minimal, meeting tables are indispensable in whichever office. The company makes important decisions around it and the board meets at it. Avitron offers you meeting tables that best suit your office.

Centre Tables

A Centre Table or Coffee Table is placed or intended to be placed in the center of a room, specifically, in a living room or drawing-room. Avitron offers various designs for your home and office.

Desking Systems

Desking Systems or Workstations are designed to encourage employees to work together, sharing information and ideas. These systems also allow for more efficient use of office space. Avitron offers linear, L-shaped and 120 degree workstations.

Side Storage

An office requires space to store files, accesories and personal belongings for day-to-day use. Avitron offers all types of storages in an office namely pedestals, side storages, credenzas and chests.





In the classroom, furniture must be adaptable (meaning enhance and enable learning) in a wide range of situations, everything from lectures, to small group work, to individual study and testing. Avitron provides the right kind of table that is both safe and adaptable.

Book Shelves

Children’s bookshelves are usually made smaller and in bright colors. Some have shelves that are positioned further apart to accommodate tall children’s books and they’re usually made of laminated boards for easy cleaning.


Lockers can be an important storage facility in any office, factory or space that has a quick turnaround. Avitron can provide lockers in stainless steel, powder coated mild steel or laminated wooden boards and can customize the dimensions and design according to your need.


Working Tables

Most companies manufacturing or testing in bulk quantity have a specific role assigned to each worker. It can greatly help having customized working tables so that one can find the right hardware at the right location. Avitron understands the process line of its customer and accordingly designs and manufactures.


A steel storage rack with long arms extending from a metal framework designed to store long or bulky items such as steel stock and lumber. The racks do not haveshelving and are open in front to facilitate loading and unloading using forklifts or similar equipment.


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